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Life without QE2

Education, Last November, the Federal Reserve announced a plan to purchase $75 billion each month in intermediate-term Treasury securities, a measure popularly described as a second round of quanti…

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Debt ceiling politics

“That’s exactly what Congress is doing,” said Hamilton, an economics professor at UCSD. “They’ve already passed legislation that they’re going to spend more than they take in as taxes, and they’re …

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A weakening economy

The national income and product accounts updated last week by the BEA suggested that first quarter GDP growth was even weaker than previously indicated. GDP can be calculated in two ways, by summing u

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Some Brief Thoughts on Sovereign Defaults

we cover stylized facts of serial defaults, especially some features di¤ering by countries’history of defaults. Figure 2 reports external debt-to-GDP ratio, bond spreads and credit ratings. Bond sprea

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