Technical Updates

GBP/USD Big Trend Coming

GBP/USD Big Trend Coming

Indicators :

– RSI Period 14 with 30 level as oversold and 70 level as overbought.

– The 4X1, 2X1, 1X1, 1X2 and 1X4 Gann Angels.

– Gann’s Price&Timing Study.

– Simple Moving Average 50 Period (Blue), 100 Period (Red) and 200 Period (Green) on the chart.

The GBP/USD moving bearish continuation, I’m focus on weekly Timeframe. Let take a look at my chart below.

GBPUSD Weekly February 14, 2013

We saw the market break below triangle today, the broke below this triangle will continue to decline since Hamburger crisis. The target cant found yet, by the way the true break will bring to market rose at least 500 pips.

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