Technical Updates

USD/JPY Probably Trend Reversal March 22, 2011

Study :
– Gann’s Square of nine
– Fibonacci Projection
– Candlestick pattern

The Japan has been unexpected by Earthquake 2011 (refer to : Japan Earthquake 2011: Emperor Akihito Addresses Nation ) So, G7 was sell Yen as Yen Undermined as G-7 Combines With Deficits After Hitting Post-War High let see in technical analysis scenario.

USD/JPY Weekly Chart

Last week, the Greenback moving so fast and finally break above 2X1 Gann Angel after 2009.01.18 (Square’s brown) 1X1 Angel are already breakout from strong bearish direction. We’ll looking for the target at 86.xx or may surprise to 91.xx level as the previous price projection right now!

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