Forex Brokers That Provide Greater Market Quotes Type

Forex Brokers That Provide Greater Market Quotes Type

This post would be recommended about my 4 Forex Brokers that give more market quotes excluding Forex market pairs. Of course, all broker are in MT4 (MetaTrader 4), the most popular world’s Forex trading platform.

There’re include another market also such as Indexs, Metals, Futures and also CFDs as well. However, should be the major pairs which that’s market only. Forex traders could using for correlation also could be your Trading Strategies plan as well.

    • Forex Brokers for Indexs:

Alpari Forex provide 22 Index pairs. The most important are Euro basket(EURUR), Down Jones(_DJI), US Dollar Index(_DXY), DAX Index(_GX), NIKKEI(_NX), Light Sweet Crude Oil(_QM), S&P500(_SP500) and FTSE 100 Index(_Z).

As my Technical Analysis posted in this site usually Dollar Index and Oil charts from this Broker to make the screenshots.

LiteForex provide the special Indexes such as AUD Index, CAD Index, CHF Index, GBP Index, JPY Index, NZD Index and USD Index(not US Dollar Index) as well. Someone told me that they can used this Indexes for determinate what’s the currencies are strongest this time.

    • Forex Broker for metals:

Alpari Forex is good for this market, too. I also using Silver and Gold chart to make the screenshots as well.

    • Forex Brokers for Futures:

Alpari Forex provide the major Futures such as Soybean(#SN1), Wheat(#WN1), Corn(#CN1) and Natural Gas(#QGN1,#QGQ1).

FXPro provide FTSE 100, S&P500 E-Mini, NIKKEI and DAX as the important.

    • Forex Brokers for CFDs:

Exness provide a lot of world Stock market. Absolutely, including major pairs in my country Thai’s Stock are useful for my interesting.

Alpari Forex and FXPro provide major US Stock the same.

LiteForex provides in NYSE.

However, may be another Forex Brokers around the world could provider greater than my used brokers. I would be appreciate for your suggestion new brokers I never known before.