Free Forex Alert Service

Free Forex Alert Service

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“There is a free service where you can set forex alerts to be sent to the device of your choice. It’s a resource that’s invaluable if you’re trading a system which requires you to check the screen when a price level or indicator level has been hit.

It is: Alert FX

You can have alerts sent to your email address to play a sound for example, or even to your mobile phone (as long as your mobile phone provider has an email address for your phone specifically).

You can set either price or indicator alerts, and which currency the alerts applies for. You can save them, in order to activate or deactivate them later on, by checking a box, so that you don’t have to re-enter your commonly used alerts.

Alerts are commonly used when trading a system. A price or indicator alert will alert you to a possible change on the chart which will mean, for example, that a trade “set up” has occurred, or that a “take profit order” is to be taken. This means that you’ll need to place, or adjust an order.”