Technical Updates

Should Still Using Oldest OneClicker

As our review OneClicker, free software for MT4 at MT4 helper Open&Close position so, we’ll saw a messages notice need to update to latest version. Actually there’re not so bad but thought our guess may be better for you. However, develop also have commercial version which our don’t have a chance for testing yet. Of course we probably got trial version from develop as well.


Notice update messages


After we testing more times with the latest version, we don’t like some following reason include some bug in software.


The big topic between "newest" and "oldest" version of OneClicker


When clicking the “CHART” button there’re only show all profit/loss position in account not exclusively the pairs you’re looking for but the oldest version show only currency pairs you’re interesting.


Newest version only show all profit/loss in account


So, let’s take a look at the oldest version are looking good than newest below;


Oldest version show only the pair when you're in trading look for especial


That’s all our thought there’re the best for your Traders, have a good trade. 😛

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