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Gold Targets Seen At 1650 and 1700

Gold hit a new all-time high recently around 1610 and we see a lot of room for even higher levels in days and weeks ahead. On a daily chart we are monitoring an impulsive advance from 1307 lows, wh…

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Gold Opens Up 1576 Above The 1550 Highs

Gold indeed continued a short-term rally after developing bottoming action early last week. The 4H chart shows the market about to test the 1550-1554 resistance zone. Daily chart shows that above t…

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Is Gold a Bubble (2011 edition)

Gold had sold for $35 an ounce, then shot up to $675 during the last bubble, peaking in January 1980. (I’m using monthly averages throughout this article.) That’s cool, buying at $25 and selling at…

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Gold Almost Done in The Short-Term Rally?

Gold spot still making new hight continually assist by FED QE2 are also economic data support concerns. The price was escape from current motive wave cycle channel that be trend line start at wave 2..

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