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Forex Brokers That Provide Greater Market Quotes Type 2 Comments Read more »

Forex Brokers That Provide Greater Market Quotes Type

This post would be recommended about my 4 Forex Brokers that give more market quotes excluding Forex market pairs. Of course, all broker are in MT4 (MetaTrader 4), the most popular world’s Forex trading platform. There’re include another market also such as Indexs, Metals, Futures…

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When The Market Price Does Not Clear

While unemployment is the topic that has motivated him the most, it is his 1970 article showing how markets might break down in the presence of asymmetric (or unequal) information that won him the …

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Chart Analysis Technic by SuperTar

SuperTar, he written for help Thai’s traders determinate what’s the really technical analysis. There’re Fibonacci, Elliott Wave, Technical Indicators and multi-timeframe analysis include.[PDF], [THAI]

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Moving Average(MA) Technic

Simple moving averages(SMA) apply equal weight to the prices. Exponential(EMA) and weighted(WMA) averages apply more weight to recent prices. Triangular averages(TMA) apply more weight to prices in…

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